More than a place for mail; rural town’s community post office closes amid financial strain


St George News: To drive from St. George to Torrey, a town on state Route 24 in Wayne County, is to take a grand tour of rural Utah. Long expansive highways with even more expansive views are dotted with tiny towns where pockets of people continue to carve out a living….

When word got around that the town’s community post office was closing, forcing residents to drive to the next town to send and receive their mail, community members started speaking out.

A Jan. 7 Facebook post from Torrey resident Julie Trevelyan said this of its closing:

Girding my loins to head to Torrey’s post office in Bicknell later this morning. For those of you not living here who don’t know about this, Torrey lost its post office on Dec. 31 due to financial reasons. The current solution is to have all our mail routed to the Bicknell post office. There is quite the backstory and information about this entirely stupid situation (contract post offices can be a challenge for small, rural towns), and quite a lot of irritation and upset at it. Supposedly solutions are in the making, but no word yet.

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