Mold closes post office in Rapidan, VA


Orange County Review: Call it the case of the missing post office. When residents of Rapidan, VA, went to their local post office on Locust Dale Road at the end of last week, they discovered it locked.  The front door bore witness to startling news.

“Due to unforeseen circumstances, this Post Office will be closed until further notice,” the sign read. Another sign advised box-holders to go to the Mitchells post office—nearly six miles away—to get their mail.

Word came via a letter to box-holders that mold had been discovered in the midst of repair work to the building. Signed by Dennis Voorhees, manager of post office relations, with no city given, the letter suggested the closure was not permanent: “We will work with the lessor to correct safety and health deficiencies.”  Read more.

(It’s not the first time mold has closed a post office; more here.)

(Photo: Kevin Stewart, Flickr)