Miami’s Buena Vista Station post office building sold for $43M. Good luck getting your mail until there’s a new one


Miami Herald: Residents of the 33137 ZIP code, which includes Miami’s Design District, Buena Vista, Morningside, Bay Point and surrounding neighborhoods, are dreading the closure of their post office. The place where they buy 50-cent stamps is slated to be replaced by a luxe retail store where they may be able to buy $50,000 purses or $5,000 suits — whether they need them or not.

“We’re anticipating a big hassle for residents and businesses,” said David Bloom, a Morningside resident who has had a P.O. box at the post office for 17 years. “We already have lousy service. My mail delivery fluctuates wildly, and people with home delivery often go days without receiving their mail.”

The Design District post office at 66 NE 39th St., known as Buena Vista Station, is expected to temporarily relocate and share quarters with the downtown post office at 500 NW 2nd Ave., near the Miami Police Department headquarters, which is three miles south. The two nearest post offices are in Allapattah, at 1799 NW 28th St., which is 2.1 miles away, and Little River, at 1400 NE 84 St., which is 2.7 miles away.  Read more.