Local postal union, residents fight against sale of Harlem’s College Station Post Office


New York Amsterdam NewsThey tried and failed in Chelsea, but the United States Postal Service wants to sell off a post office building in Harlem and residents aren’t happy.

As the sale of the College Station Post Office on West 140th Street isn’t final, USPS Realty Asset Manager Gregory Lackey can’t say who he sold it to and how much they paid for it. If residents and the New York Metro Area Postal Union have their way, we’ll never know the name because the sale won’t go through.

“They tried to do the same thing at Old Chelsea and the community fought it,” said New York Metro Area Postal Union representative Chuck Zlatkin. “The Postal Service then tried to sell the air rights above the post office and keep the post office.” In this case, the post office is looking to relocate to a new leased facility on the landmarked Striver’s Row on 138th Street. Residents at a community hearing at the Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine in Central Harlem last night voiced opposition to the relocation, stating that Striver’s Row lacks the proper parking to accommodate a post office.

Zlatkin said that Lackey and company have tried to sell off the West 140th Street property for the past decade.

“It seems that since 2009, the post office has been wanting to sell that building and it’s a historic site,” Zlatkin explained. “The post office was built in 1937 and served the central Harlem community. In 2014, the Postal Service had public meetings to explain why they wanted to sell the building and there was a lot of negative reaction in the community. It got pretty quiet after that.”  Read more.