Local Businesses, Newspaper Delivery Suffering From Post Office Closing in Cadiz, Ohio


Harrison News Herald: All across Cadiz, Ohio, businesses and residents are feeling the sting of the post office closing.  (The post office was closed by emergency suspension on Sept. 1, due to structural deficiencies in the building, which is owned by the USPS.)

After speaking with enough people one gets the impression that residents are ready to make their own Uncle Sam poster with the finger clearly pointed at the U.S. Postal Service: “I want you,” as in a post office.

Some are experiencing minor annoyances like buying stamps, but others, such as local businesses are feeling the pinch in a much stronger fashion.

Rich Bethel of Homeland Realty said he had to notify every supplier for an address change because he once had a post office box in Cadiz, but no more.

“I’ll have to place a mail box here now instead of just going to the post office,” he explained adding that temporarily at least, bills will have to be rerouted to his house.

Kidder Law located on West Market Street is experiencing the same problem regarding mail being rerouted in place of their usual post office box, according to Annette McCue. Certified mail now has to be taken to Jewett as well.

Other businesses say shipping things out is the main problem, with the major irritation among residents is where to buy stamps now that they cannot travel down to the end of South Main Street.  Read more.