Life-threatening mold closes historic post office in Richmond, CA


While it’s not uncommon for the Postal Service to close a post office after it discovers some mold in the building, it’s cause for concern when the building is a historic structure.  Does the Postal Service have plans to abandon the building and sell it off?  That’s the question surrounding the closure this week of the 80-year-old post office in Richmond, California.  The Postal Service says that there was a water leak in the basement of the post office on Nevin Ave. a few weeks ago, and the leak apparently caused some mold to develop in the basement.  There’s no equipment or mail in the basement, and no customers go down there, but the Postal Service is still concerned.  As the local ABC news reports, “Left unchecked, mold can cause health problems, even death in extreme cases.”  The post office is expected to reopen next week after the cleanup work is finished.  Read more.  Watch video.