Letters could save historic Lihue post office


Thegardenisland.com: The potential relocation of the Rice Street post office in Lihue, Hawaii, to the carrier annex by the airport is still up in the air.

And, representatives from the U.S. Postal Service met for two hours with about 25 people at the Kauai War Memorial Convention Hall Wednesday to clarify misinformation shared at the last public meeting in April.

“The man leading it said this wasn’t a financial or operational decision on the part of USPS,” said Greg Shelton, of USPS.

He continued: “The goal is to make everybody understand it’s not just about parking, or a tree. It is a financial and operational decision.”

USPS is operating at a $2 billion deficit as of last quarter, Shelton said, and the entity is looking at ways to consolidate and make operations more efficient.

Shelton and his team are on Kauai to convey that fact to the public and to encourage everyone with a stake in the issue to send in comments during the new, 30-day time period.  Read more.

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