Lee’s Summit, MO post office to get annexed


The Postal Service is planning to close the post office at 210 SW Market Street indowntown Lee’s Summit, Missouri.  A new retail office will be opened in the carrier annex on 1404 SW Market, about a mile away.  The Postal Service says officials are in “early stages” of talking about the step.  “Nothing’s settled, this is only a proposal,” a USPS spokesperson said. That’s what the Postal Service always says, and in almost every case, the decision is a done deal and not just a proposal in its “early stages.”  The carriers were moved out of the downtown facility in 2000, so there’s a lot of extra space, and the Postal Service will bring in some revenue when it sells the building.  But 1,200 boxholders and all the other customers at the downtown office will soon have to drive out to the annex.  Lee's Summit used to have a historic New Deal post office, but that was sold off several years ago.  Soon there won't be a post office downtown at all.  Read more.