Jamestown, IN, wants its post office back


Lebanon Reporter: It’s been more than a year since the United State Postal Service closed the Jamestown, IN, branch over a supposed rent dispute.

Rick Mitchell, president of the Jackson Township Historical Society and a resident of Jamestown, remembers seeing the USPS reps come and remove the post office equipment from the East Main Street location. He said a wooden “Jamestown Post Office” sign that was over the service window inside now hangs in the Brownsburg Post Office.

“This is a real sore subject with everybody in town,” Mitchell said about the situation. Jamestown residents must either travel to Pittsboro for bulk mailing, like the town utilities office now does, or to Brownsburg to retrieve held mail.

“We’ve had nothing but problems with the post office in Jamestown. It’s total chaos,” he added. “No one can get their mail right.”  Read more.