It’s Friday the 13th: Let’s Kill the Post Office


It's Friday the 13th, and Fox Business contributor Judge Andrew Napolitano has a scary thought: "Let's Abolish the Post Office."  According to Napolitano's latest "Freedom Watch" column, the postal service is a "Soviet-style behemoth" and an inefficient, non-competitive "dinosaur," and the only reason it even exists is because politicians are pandering to voters.  Don't think Napolitano is alone.  Conservative think tanks like the Cato Institute have been busy for years holding conferences, cranking out white papers, and testifying before Congress about why the postal service should be privatized.  

Next week a Senate Subcommittee on Federal Financial Management  will hold a hearing on “Addressing the U.S. Postal Service’s Financial Crisis."  Don't be surprised if a witness or two argue that the postal service should just be eliminated altogether.   

In the meantime, communities across the country are expressing their dismay about the news their post office is being closed.  Today, like most every day over the past couple of months, brings news of more closings: In Ellisburg, NY, "Another rural community has found its post office on the chopping block, and residents aren't happy about it."  Residents of the hamlet Etna, NY (near Ithaca) are being forced to "imagine life without the post office."    

In Woodgate, NY, residents assembled outside their community post office Thursday afternoon, "and they weren't there to buy stamps.  Instead, they gathered united in a fight to keep a staple of their community open—the post office."  It's been the "heart and soul" of the community for nearly 100 years.  In Michigan, the village of Boon in Wexford County just learned their post office might be closing—TV news spot here.  And in a small town east of San Francisco, the headline reads, "Moraga Town Council Versus the U.S. Postal Service."

Maybe in the next sequel to "Friday the 13th," instead of haunting a summer camp, Jason will be stalking victims of a closed post office.  There will be plenty of them.