Inspector General Goes Postal


Peter Byrne, author of Going Postal: U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein's Husband Sells Post Offices to His Friends, Cheap, has a piece in the East Bay Express about the new OIG report about CBRE's contract to manage the Postal Service's real estate portfolio.  Byrne's report on CBRE was probably the motivation for the OIG's investigation, so his new article is well worth reading.  It starts like this:

Late last month, David C. Williams dropped a red-hot audit on Tom Samra, who runs the real estate arm of the US Postal Service in Washington, DC. As the inspector general of the Postal Service, William's mission is to "prevent and detect fraud, waste, and misconduct" inside the $65 billion agency. The April 22 audit report bluntly charges Samra and his staff with mishandling the Postal Service's contract with CBRE of Santa Monica, which is the world's biggest commercial real estate firm and is one of the nation's most politically influential. Based on findings that the CBRE has violated its financial obligations to the Postal Service, Williams is demanding that Samra "terminate and recompete the current CBRE real estate management services contract."  Read more.