Inspector General asks, Are Emergency Suspensions of USPS Facilities Executed in Compliance with Policies and Procedures?

SteveBlog, Special

USPS OIG: Postal Service properties may be vacated due to events such as network optimization efforts, emergency suspensions, and/or staffing shortages. A decision to close or consolidate a Post Office (also known as a discontinuance) must be based on specific criteria, such as the effect on the community served and employees, compliance with government policy, and the economic savings to the Postal Service.

District managers may suspend operations of any Post Office, classified station, or branch under their jurisdiction for reasons such as a natural disaster; termination of a lease or rental agreement; lack of qualified personnel to operate the office; irreparable damage when no suitable alternate quarters are available in the community; severe damage to, or destruction of the office; challenge to the sanctity of the mail and lack of adequate measures to safeguard the office or its revenues.

  • Are facilities suspended for purposes that appear to be in the best interest of employees and customers?
  • Is the public notified when a facility is suspending operations? If not, what should the Postal Service do to ensure the public is aware of these suspensions?
  • Are prolonged emergency suspended facilities disrupting service and the¬†customer experience?
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