Here’s what happened to the Milan Post Office that closed on in Norfolk, VA


The Virginia Pilot: Post Office mailboxes seem to be on every corner until you need them.

After the U.S. Postal Service closed a location at 38th Street and Colley Avenue in Norfolk, Virginia, a reader who used the office wanted to know why it was shut down – and, perhaps more importantly, where’s the nearest place to drop off outgoing mail now?

The location, known as the Milan Post Office, closed Feb. 23. Freda Sauter, a Postal Service spokeswoman, said the federal agency doesn’t own the building and decided not to renew its lease there. Sauter declined to explain the reasoning….

Nayla Debbas, a member of the company, declined to discuss future tenants or uses for the property. A sign at the building advertises it for rent.

“We’re in the process of fixing the building and the property,” Debbas said.

As for the Postal Service, the agency said a couple of months ago it planned to reopen “as close as reasonably possible to the current site.”  Read more.

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