Harlem Post Office to Relocate But Residents Fear Continued Poor Service


DNAinfo: The U.S. Postal Service wants the community to know there will be no change in service when the College Station Post Office at 140th Street relocates two blocks south.

That’s what residents are afraid of.

Gregory Lackey, a realty asset manager for the USPS, told residents Wednesday night that the new building has 2,900 square feet, three service counters, and an automated postal machine. They hope to complete the move to 138th Street and Frederick Douglass Boulevard by April.

“If there’s no difference in services then the complaints that the community is expressing to you, why would they be any different at the new site?” asked Stanley Gleaton, a member of the community board.

Other residents demanded that the new post office have a dedicated line for seniors so that they don’t have to stand for long periods of time while they wait for a long line to move.  Read more.