Gone Postal: A work in progress



Filmmakers launch documentary film trailer for Gone Postal in anticipation of Occupy the Post Office events scheduled across the nation on April 17th.

With the US Postal Service caught in the national spotlight, now more than ever, Americans deserve the truth behind the headlines.  The documentary Gone Postal will uncover what brought America’s most trusted institution to its knees.

The film is the result of a 4 year, cross-country investigation.  It explores a workplace rife with fear and mistrust, from the voices of the men and women on the front lines, battling a management that rewards fraud, retaliation, and abuse at the highest levels.

Filmmaker Jay Galione was inspired to take a deeper look at the United States Postal Service by his father’s experiences as a career Postal Clerk and Union Shop Steward who was targeted for standing up for the rights of his fellow workers.  Collaborator Sheila Dvorak draws upon her dedication to grassroots activism to rally communities around this indispensable public service, and the dedicated American workers who deliver for us all each day.