Contract Post Office in Westbrookville, NY, closes with one day’s notice

Steve HutkinsBlog, News

The Westbrookville Contract Post Office issued a letter to their customers on Wednesday, June 28, announcing that the post office will be closing at the end of the business day on Thursday, June 29.  The notice has raised questions and concerns from customers and elected officials regarding the immediate closure.

The residents of the hamlet of Westbrookville along Route 209 in Mamakating do not have mail delivery.  Instead, all of the residents have post office boxes at the post office.  The notice indicated that the nearest post office is located in Otisville, more than three miles away.  The letter also indicated that the entire PO Box section of the Westbrookville post office will be moved to the Otisville Post Office.

There will be no changes to the PO box numbers or mailing addresses.  Postmaster James Burns said the only change will be that, beginning on Friday, June 30, the customers must pick their mail up at the Otisville Post Office.

Mamakating Councilman Peter Goodman expressed his frustration with the postal service to Mid-Hudson News.  “This announcement did not give anyone a chance to discuss it,” adding “I am reaching out to elected officials at the state and federal level to see if they can prevent this closing from taking place.”  Goodman noted that the deli next to the current post office will likely suffer from the lack of people conducting mail transactions every day.

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