City plans to purchase historic Plant City, FL post office


Plant City Observer: City commissioners in Plant City, Florida, voted to approve the purchase of the former U.S. Post Office and adjacent parking areas on Monday night.

The vote is one of the final steps in bringing the vacant structure under city control. City Manager Bill McDaniel will now finalize paperwork with the United States Postal Service to complete the transaction. Hopefully, within 30 to 90 days the property will switch hands to the city of Plant City and the property’s next chapter can begin.

“The main reason for purchasing the property was to secure the future, basically to have options available for what that corner will look like since it’s so important as an entryway to our downtown,” McDaniel said. “Potential uses could be for expanding city services or improving city services. I can see it being a customer service type of operation over there, but we also might just be able to go back and convert it to a commercial use at some future time. The most important thing was being able to control the destiny of that corner.”

After much negotiation, the city was able to agree upon a purchase price of $315,000 for the post office building, located at 301 W. Reynolds St., its parking lot and its outlying parking lots.  Read more.