Cadiz, Ohio, Post Office closes due to structural damage


WTOV: The news came almost unexpectedly — P.O. box holders were the first to learn it, and now others are learning: the village of Cadiz, OH, is soon to be without a post office.

“We received a letter indicating that the post office has some structural deficiencies and under postal regulations the building needs to be closed,” Village Administrator Charley Bowman said.

The structural damage was found in June. It forced customers to wait outside for stamps and other services. No one was allowed inside as support structures were erected outside the building. Customers found the letter posted to the building Friday, saying the Cadiz Post Office would close at the end of business on Saturday.

“Of course we’re very concerned about making sure that we have a post office here long term,” Bowman said. “And I’ve been talking with the mayor. I’ll be talking with council members. We’ll be chatting with them about contacting our U.S. Senators and legislators to encourage them to keep the post office in Cadiz.”

Postal customers were frustrated. None agreed to go on camera, but said they were disgusted and exhausted; that it was a disgrace the Harrison County seat is without a post office.  Read more.

According to the USPS Facilities Report, the Postal Service has owned the Cadiz post office building since 1958.