Boiceville, NY Post Office closes due to ‘environmental concerns’; operations shift to Shokan


Kingston Daily Freeman: Operations at the Boiceville, New York, Post Office will be  suspended at the end of Saturday because of “environmental concerns,” the U.S. Postal Service said Friday.

Boiceville postal operations will move to the Shokan Post Office, about 5 miles  away, starting Monday. Both post offices are on state Route 28 within the town of Olive.

The Postal Service did not specify the “environmental concerns” but said the Boiceville site is being closed “in the interest of public and employee safety.” An employee of the Shokan Post Office said the Boiceville facility is “not in good condition for employees to be in.”  Read more.

Update: The landlord of the building has said she hasn’t had the post office inspected and doesn’t believe the Postal Service has either.  “It’s not even established that it’s mold because it hasn’t been inspected,” she said by phone Tuesday. “Until I get the key, I can’t get it inspected.”  Read more.

(Photo: Google Street View)