Beware the fungus! Two more post offices closed over mold problems


The discovery of mold has led the Postal Service to close two more post offices.  The offices in Cahokia, Illinois, and nearby Alorton were both closed on Monday, without further notice.  The Postal Service says the mold poses a health risk to employees and customers.  The mayor of Alorton says she thinks “it’s a tool they’re using to justify the closure.”  Read more.

The mold problem seems to be spreading.  In 2011, the post offices in Royalton, Kentucky, and Cottonwood, California, were closed because mold had rendered them unsafe, according to postal officials.  Last year, post offices in Knox, New York, and Bangor, Wisconsin, were closed because of mold and other problems.  A few weeks ago, the post office in Dupree, South Dakota, was closed because of mold that developed after some water got into the building.  

Who knows where the mold will strike next.  Postal patrons beware!

(Photo credit: Cahokia, IL post office)