And the closings go on and on


The Postal Service has been announcing post office closings for many months now.  Each day sees newspaper accounts of more and more.  Our news feed gets about five closing news items every day, and they all tell the same story—the shock of residents when they hear the news that their post office is closing, the urgent call for town meetings, petition drives, pleas to the postal service to reconsider, fears for the impacts on the business district and the community as a whole.  The Rhinecliff post office has not been put on the closing list, at least not yet.  But the Postal Service has its eye on shutting down at least 2,000 small post offices, and Rhinecliff is just the kind of small rural post office that they're closing.  And if the announced changes in the postal regulations are approved, it will be even easier to close post offices and more likely that Rhinecliff will find itself on the "discontinuance" list one day.