Modeling the New USPS Delivery Network: List & Map

Steve HutkinsBlog

This month the Postal Service will begin implementing a massive initiative to change how the mail is delivered. Instead of working out of the back of post offices, letter carriers will be relocated to large, centralized facilities called Sorting & Delivery Centers. The Postal Service has provided very few details about the plan. Management is apparently trying to manage the concerns of employees and the public by withholding information.

What we do know is that 100,000 carrier routes will be relocated from 6,000 or 7,000 post offices — which the USPS calls “spoke facilities’ — to several hundred S&DC hubs. The Postal Service has shared a list of the first 200 post offices where “conversions” will take place, but it has said almost nothing about which others will become spoke offices.

With the help of publicly available USPS facility lists, Google maps, and some data crunching, it’s possible to build a model that helps answer this question. READ MORE.