USPS temporarily closes Fremont, IA, post office |


KTVO: The Fremont, Iowa, community is currently without a post office. The United States Postal Service announced, Wednesday, a temporary closure of the office on east Main Street. USPS spokeswoman Stacy St. John told KTVO the office was closed after the building was invaded by an animal. St. John wouldn’t say what kind. She added that the building’s wiring is … Read More

USPS closes post office in Cincinnati, IA, the second closure in SE Iowa this week


KTVO: The United States Postal Service announced its second closing in southeast Iowa Thursday. On Wednesday, KTVO told you about the closure of Fremont’s post office. Thursday, USPS announced the closing of the post office in Cincinnati, Iowa. Spokeswoman Stacy St. John told KTVO both of these changes are temporary. Starting Friday, Cincinnati’s post office on Liberty Street will be … Read More

Book Nook: How the Post Office Created America


WYSO: The U.S. Postal Service has played a significant role in the history of our country. In her book “How the Post Office Created America-a History” Winifred Gallagher enumerates the many major impacts that our U.S. Mail has had upon the growth and development of our infrastructure, our industries, and our educational opportunities. It is a service that was founded … Read More

Topaz Post Office permanently vacated after emergency suspension

SteveBlog Because of structural and safety concerns, the building that houses the Topaz, Calif., Post Office located at 11 Topaz Lane has been permanently vacated. On May 27, 2016, the building was emergency suspended because it was no longer safe for employees or customers. At a public meeting on May 11, 2017, the Postal Service discussed options and received community … Read More

Pulaski Town Council to vote on resolution to re-open post office


Pulaski Town Council is getting ready to vote on a resolution asking the federal government to re-open its post office. The building was closed with only a day’s notice following an OSHA investigation into mold. Town Manager Shawn Utt says it’s now been closed for more than a week, and he has very few answers as to why the building … Read More

Post Office announces move to former Sears store in Council Bluffs, Iowa

SteveBlog Postal Service officials confirmed late Friday afternoon that the former Sears building at the Mall of the Bluffs has been selected as the new site for the Council Bluffs, Iowa, Post Office. The selection of the Mall of the Bluffs site follows a community meeting and review of all public feedback, according to a Postal Service release. “Because of … Read More

Postmaster of Yakima County’s smallest post office brings cheer to Brownstown

SteveBlog As postmaster of Yakima County’s smallest post office, Lorena Hartzog talks business much of the time, but her job also offers the chance to chat with customers about their favorite pastimes — and hers. “I finally got an eagle shot,” Hartzog said of her photo showing the regal bird perched on a skeletal branch amid low brush. “People would … Read More