The @PostalRegulator is inviting stakeholder consultation on USPS rate increases, as directed by Congress. For some reason, the PRC hasn't created a docket for this; instead, comments can be sent via letter or email. Will they be posted on the PRC website?

The USPS financial report for April 2022 is one for the history books. It shows a net income of $60 billion for the month — the one-time impact of the postal reform bill, which reversed the retiree health benefit deficit that had accrued since 2012.

Earlier this week the @USPS shared a list with the @PostalRegulator containing 170 post offices, “temporarily” closed many years ago by emergency suspension, that "qualify for swift official Discontinuance." Here's the list, map, and more details.

In making its argument against disclosing the contract (which may not even be an NSA with Amazon), the USPS cites as precedent a PRC case that actually did involve an Amazon NSA (as Amazon itself revealed by intervening).

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