"The USPS has the legal authority to request $460 million from Congress annually to cover the costs of rural service. The USPS has not requested those funds since FY 1982. When adjusted for inflation, the USPS has foregone a total of $25 billion."

The battle between @USPS and @TheSOC (a coalition of labor unions) over SOC's request to see the contract with Amazon is heating up. SOC makes a good case, but it's very unlikely the @PostalRegulator will grant access. https://www.prc.gov/docs/122/122427/SOCSuppSubmn_MC2021-115_CP2021-117.pdf

Another @PostalRegulator Advisory Opinion begins, this one about the USPS proposal to change the Critical Entry Time for certain categories of periodicals — another element of DeJoy's Delivering for America plan.

@TakeOnWallSt @savethebpo @BGAlliance @CenterForBioDiv @Demos_Org @codepink @equaljustice @foe_us @greenpeaceusa @IndivisibleTeam @NRDC @PplsAction @SSWorks @Roots_Action @SierraClub @itstruenorth @WorkingFamilies As longtime critics of DeJoy's disastrous leadership, we and our colleagues @ceprdc are proud to co-sign onto this letter and urge President Biden to not squander this valuable opportunity to reshape the Postal Board of Governors.

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Eighty-two groups call on President Biden to fill Postal Board with nominees to hold DeJoy accountable & expand USPS services - Take On Wall Street

Eighty-two groups call on President Biden to fill Postal Board with candidates to hold DeJoy accountable & expand USPS services.


USPS Local Connect Mail provides same or next-day local delivery for documents. For April-June, the pilot brought in $908 on 308 pieces with administrative and start-up costs of $45,500. It's part of the Delivering for America plan. https://www.prc.gov/docs/122/122447/FY%202022%20Quarter%203%20Quarterly%20Report.pdf

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