Trump, beware: Americans have a deep, enduring love for the Postal Service


By Karen Heller

Washington Post: President Trump has branded the Postal Service “a loser,” “joke” and “scam.” It’s a first-class source of his mail-content.

He routinely disparages the Postal Service because it loses money and, by his own admission, he doesn’t want people in much of the country to vote by mail. Trump, it should be noted, votes by mail. Critics think he’s gone postal.

Many also think he’s messing with the wrong government agency.

Know who dislikes the Postal Service? Almost no one.

Sure, people don’t enjoy waiting in line but that’s true almost anywhere. Millennials don’t patronize the Postal Service, according to its inspector general; one in Texas claimed to New York magazine that mailing stuff causes him anxiety. And dogs have been known to yap and masticate their displeasure.

That’s about it. The Postal Service is a massive infrastructure delivered on an intimate scale. It brings us prescriptions, news, checks, condolence notes and birthday cards from Aunt Marge. It is our original information superhighway, dating back to dirt roads and the Pony Express.

Our mail system has a 91 percent approval rating, according to a Pew Research Center poll released in April. In these fractious times, nothing has a 91 percent approval rating. Trump might as well have attacked kittens or pie. Read more.