The Worst Post Offices In Brooklyn


Ditmas Park Corner: A recent News 12 story that documents the hour-long lines and flippant managers at the 11226 Post Office has cast an aggrieved public service at 2273 Church Avenue, between Flatbush and Bedford Avenues, into the media limelight.  Correspondents made Flatbush a contender for the “Worst Post Office in New York City”, which sparked an outpouring of stories from other local branches competing for the title: 11218 in Kensington and 11225 on Empire Boulevard in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens, where conditions have been driving customers and employees close to going postal.  Customers complain about waiting between one and two hours on a line that often snakes through the store and around the block.  Darleen Reid-DeMeo, Senior Public Relations Representative for the US Postal Service, told DPC that there are 13 clerks working at the Flatbush PO, and only one mail handler who is responsible for prepping and moving mail inside the office.  Read more.