The Mission to Save Hudson Valley Post Offices

Steve HutkinsNews

WRRV: Last month, 15 Hudson Valley post offices, including the beloved and historic location in Beacon, NY, were included in a plan that would move mail sorting to a central “Sorting and Delivery Center” (S&DC) in Newburgh, NY.

The decision, meant to begin in September 2023, would send all affected mail carriers to pick up their daily route in Newburgh, NY before making their deliveries locally. While the USPS is stressing that none of the affected post offices will close permanently and that window service as well as PO box service will not be altered, some residents are still pushing back.

“There is a petition inside the [Beacon] post office now to keep it open, please go and sign it!”, read a recent post in the Beacon, NY Facebook group. While some tagged Congressman Pat Ryan to add support, others shared the petition, which calls for more than just a reversal on the recent decision to create regional S&DCs.

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