Rachel Maddow on the potential demise of DeJoy

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Rachel focuses on President Biden’s changes to the USPS Board of Governors “that apparently are finally going to clear the way to getting rid of that guy,” PMG Louis DeJoy.

Spring 2021 CPWU Newsletter


The Spring 2021 Newsletter from Communities and Postal Workers United (CPWU) has articles about Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s ten-year plan, ironically named “Delivering for America”; the “People’s Postal Agenda” discussed at the online conference put on by the Grand Alliance to Save the Public Postal Service; Charlotte postal workers protesting mistreatment and harassment; and Washington state’s postal workers pushing to … Read More

Communities and Postal Workers United (CPWU) Winter 2021 Newsletter


The CPWU Winter 2021 Newsletter has articles about why Postmaster General DeJoy should be dumped, the possible implications of the Senate going Democrat, and the contrast between DeJoy’s vision and what a public vision of the Postal Service looks like. Read the newsletter here.

Stop girdling the Post Office


Retired postmaster Mark Jamison examines how the right wing has been girdling the the postal network in the hope of undermining its health and thereby reaping a financial harvest.