Eureka! The Postal Service finds gold in California


The Postal Service has been actively selling off historic post office buildings for over a year now.  About forty have been sold or put up for sale.  They’re scattered around the country, but for some reason more than a third of them are in California. Last week news came out that one of the most beautiful post offices in the … Read More

The National Trust joins the fight to save the post office


[view:slideshow=panel_pane_1]   THE NATIONAL TRUST FOR HISTORIC PRESERVATION has named the Historic Post Office Building to its annual list of the 11 most endangered places.  The Trust has a story, a slideshow, a feature on the post office in Geneva, Illinois, and a press release (which has the most details).  The Chicago Tribune also has a story, and the Associated Press has another. … Read More

The GAO report on post office closings: Congress gets what it asks for—more misinformation


Last week the Government Accountability Office (GAO) issued its second report this month about the Postal Service.  This one is about post office closings (GAO-12-433), and it’s apparently intended to give lawmakers information that will help them craft postal legislation.   The cover letter for the report is addressed to Senator Tom Carper and Representative Darrell Issa, the two lawmakers … Read More

Questions for Mr. Hammond: The Senate considers a nomination to the PRC


Tomorrow the Senate’s Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs will hold a hearing on the nomination of Tony Hammond as a Commissioner on the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC).  The senators are likely to use the opportunity not only to explore Hammond’s positions on a number of key issues but also to express their own views, as Senators are wont to … Read More

Week in Review: More news, more of the same


Time for another “Week in Review” already?  Seems like only yesterday we were talking about more post offices closing, angry citizens speaking out at public meetings, appeal cases at the PRC, and off-base articles in the mainstream media.  This week, it’s more of the same. Occupy the Post Office: This year December 19th will be the busiest day during the … Read More

Week in Review: AMPs, 10-K, PRC, CBRE, VPO, GAO & OWS


It was another busy week in Postal World — post offices keep closing, plant consolidation plans keep rolling on, the GAO keeps coming up with studies, and the PRC struggles to keep up with the appeals and Advisory Opinion.  Here are just some of the highlights: Hearing in Harlem: The New York Metro Area APWU announced that on Tuesday, Nov. 22, … Read More

Dismantling the Public Realm: Post Offices for Sale


In July the Postal Service outsourced its real estate and property management business to CB Richard Ellis, the world’s largest commercial real estate company.   Today the USPS-CBRE website is up and running, showing off some 90 post office buildings as well as 36 land parcels, all for sale.   The Postal Service must be in a big hurry to dismantle … Read More