Seven arrested at mail facility in Springfield, Oregon


CPWU press release: “Save the mail or go to jail,” was the chant from a crowd of forty protesters at the Springfield Gateway mail plant at noon today, the busiest postal day of the year. They came from Eugene, Portland, Corvallis, Cottage Grove and across Oregon, concerned about the scheduled February closure of the facility.

Seven “postal protectors” climbed up onto the plant dock, unfurled banners reading “No Closures! No Cuts!”, “No Delay of the Mail”, “Save Family Wage Union Jobs”, and demanded that plant manager, Robert Vore, suspend the closure and allow Congress to fix postal finances. Although Vore observed the protest through glass doors, he refused to meet with the “protectors”.

When the seven refused to leave until postal management agreed to keep the plant open, Vore had them arrested. The crowd outside cheered the arrestees as they were led away in handcuffs.  Read more.