The National Trust joins the fight to save the post office


[view:slideshow=panel_pane_1]   THE NATIONAL TRUST FOR HISTORIC PRESERVATION has named the Historic Post Office Building to its annual list of the 11 most endangered places.  The Trust has a story, a slideshow, a feature on the post office in Geneva, Illinois, and a press release (which has the most details).  The Chicago Tribune also has a story, and the Associated Press has another. … Read More

Post Offices Closed & Closing 2011

PLEASE NOTE: This list is not official, and it contains errors. It is complied from various sources: a list of post offices closed in 2011 and a list of Final Determinations, both submitted by the Postal Service to the PRC on Feb. 3, 2011;  USPS postmaster finder; the USPS Postal Bulletin; the PRC docket list for appeals;  Postal Reporter's closing list; Iowa Backroads, a list acquired … Read More

Post Offices Receiving Final Determinations in 2011

This list was provided by the Postal Service under the FOIA to Evan Kalish of Going Postal in December 2011.  It contains post offices that received a final determination notice during 2011, but it may also include some that received a "determination" to change the status of the facility from an independent office to a branch or station, so every … Read More

Philistines at the Gate: The Venice Post Office on the Chopping Block


On Monday of this week, Ruth Goldway, chairman of the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC), will be speaking in Venice, California, at a meeting of the Venice Post Office Task Force.  The subject of the meeting: the fate of the Venice Main Post Office, a beautiful example of New Deal architecture, which the Postal Service has decided to close and sell, … Read More

July 27, 2011: Non-RAOI List

In addition to the list of over 3,600 post offices on the July 26, 2011 list released by the Postal Service, another 727 stations and branches are already undergoing discontinuance review (outside of the scope of the 7/26 RAOI).  This list was released on July 27, 2011. Office Address City State Zip ESOM HILL 215 HARDIN RD ESOM HILL GA … Read More

New Deal Post Offices

This list consists of postal facilities the Department of the Post Office built (or took occupancy of) during the New Deal era, 1933 – 1942.