Opponents of historic post office’s closure in Glendale speak out


The Postal Service is moving forward on its plan to sell the 1936 post office in Glendale, California.  As with so many other New Deal post offices in California — Venice, Santa Monica, La Jolla, Ukiah, and Berkeley — the Postal Service says the building is too large and it would prefer to lease a small space.  As usual, the … Read More

Public meeting planned on possible closure of historic Glendale post office


Postal Service officials will hold a public meeting on Thursday about a proposal to relocate retail services from the historic post officein Glendale, California. The post office was built in 1934 and it is listed on the Glendale Register of Historic Resources and the National Register of Historic Places.  “Given that the building is a historic landmark, we believe that … Read More

Legacy at risk: The OIG audits the Postal Service’s disposal of historic properties


The USPS Office of Inspector General is preparing an audit report about the sale of historic post office buildings.  The objective of the study is “to review the Postal Service’s process and plans for the disposal and preservation of historic properties.” The OIG poses two main questions: “Do you think the Postal Service follows proper procedures when disposing of historic … Read More

Resources on historic post offices

    Lists & Maps Post Offices sold aad for sale: An update on the inventory Historic Post Office Sold or For Sale Post Offices (active) on the National Register [Google Fusion Tables (with the maps) was shut down on Dec. 3, 2019. A spreadsheet version of the data is here.  A Carto map is here.] Post Offices on or … Read More

Why the Post Office Matters and Why Corporate America Is Stealing It


Lauren Steiner, LA Progressive: The rally I went to Saturday to save the Santa Monica Post Office was a bit of a bummer. After 75 years of continuous service, the branch on Arizona and 5th Street was closing its doors for good. The U.S. Postal Service, a vital part of the public infrastructure of this country and a source of hundreds of … Read More

Postal Service to La Jolla: Sorry, the dismantling must go on


The Postal Service has issued a Final Determination to relocate retail services in La Jolla, California, thus paving the way for the eventual sale of the historic New Deal post office.  Tom Samra, Vice President, Facilities, was responsible for reviewing the appeals, and not unexpectedly, he came to the same decision that he made regarding the relocation of the Bronx … Read More

Brands at risk: The OIG looks at the USPS-CBRE contract


The USPS Office of Inspector General has just issued an audit report about the Postal Service’s contract with CB Richard Ellis.  CBRE became the Postal Service's exclusive real estate agent in June 2011.  Considering that the Postal Service leases 24,000 properties and owns 9,000, that's a big portfolio to manage, and outsourcing to CBRE was a big step.   The … Read More

USPS to Bronx: Drop dead — the GPO must go


The Postal Service has decided to go ahead with the sale of the historic Bronx General Post Office.  Tom Samra, Vice President of Facilities for the USPS, has issued his “Final Decision for Relocation of Retail Services in Bronx, New York.”  (A copy is here.) The Bronx GPO is on the National Register of Historic Places, it's an official New … Read More

Legacy for Sale: Historic Post Offices on the Market


The New York Times has an excellent front-page article by Robin Pogrebin about the Postal Service’s push to sell off its historic post office buildings.  It includes a great photo scroll, and it’s getting lots of very lively comments. As the Times explains, the Postal Service owns nearly a quarter of its 31,000 post offices (it leases space for the rest), and … Read More

The incredible shrinking Postal Service: More tales of suspensions, reductions, relocations, and sell-offs


While the United Parcel Service is busy looking for innovative ways to make its retail stores more profitable, the Postal Service can only think about more junk mail.  Rather than seeing value in its own network of brick-and-mortar post offices, the Postal Service is cutting the hours at 13,000 small offices, replacing historic downtown post offices with retail counters in … Read More

Historic Post Offices Sold or For Sale

  Annapolis, Maryland Berkeley, California Bethesda, Maryland Boone, North Carolina Bronx, New York Buffalo, New York Burlingame, California Camas, Washington Charleston, Illinois Cheraw, South Carolina Eugene, Oregon Fairfield Connecticut Fernandina Beach, Florida Firestone Station, South Gate, California Flemington, New Jersey Fullerton, California Geneva, Illinois Glendale, California Gulfport, Mississippi Greenwich, Connecticut Huntington Beach, California Kingston, Pennsylvania La Jolla, California Lakewood, New … Read More

Discontinuances discontinued: Where have all the closures gone?


The Postal Service may be taking a new line on downsizing its retail network.  Instead of big plans and long lists of potential closures, the Postal Service is apparently adopting a more incremental approach. After years of talking about closing thousands of post offices — after all the announcements of new initiatives, after all the town meetings, advisory opinions, appeals, … Read More

The Annexation of the Post Office


A new trend is emerging.  The Postal Service is closing post offices in downtown areas and busy shopping centers, and moving retail services to a carrier annex on the outskirts of town.  The “annexation” process began a long time ago, when the Postal Service started moving carriers from the main post office or a branch out to an annex, leaving … Read More

Eureka! The Postal Service finds gold in California


The Postal Service has been actively selling off historic post office buildings for over a year now.  About forty have been sold or put up for sale.  They’re scattered around the country, but for some reason more than a third of them are in California. Last week news came out that one of the most beautiful post offices in the … Read More