Santa Clara residents resist plan to close downtown post office


From the San Jose Mercury News: "Residents are pushing back against a proposal to close Santa Clara's historic downtown post office — part of the U.S. Postal Service's effort to cut costs — and move services to a building 2 miles away.

"In advance of what could be a testy meeting between residents and postal officials Monday evening, the Franklin Square Business Association has circulated a petition to save the building. Built in 1933, it's a survivor of a once vibrant but now nearly nonexistent downtown, which the city hopes to rebuild.

"This is a landmark," said Sandra Polley, 57, who was raised in Santa Clara and lives near the post office at 1200 Franklin Mall. She and husband Brennan have had a post office box there for more than 10 years. The post office is the anchor of the mall, a disparate collection of small ethnic restaurants, beauty and barber shops, and insurance and real estate businesses."   Read more.