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Post Offices sold aad for sale: An update on the inventory

Historic Post Office Sold or For Sale

Post Offices (active) on the National Register [Google Fusion Tables (with the maps) was shut down on Dec. 3, 2019. A spreadsheet version of the data is here.  A Carto map is here.]

Post Offices on or eligible for the National Register[Google Fusion Tables (with the maps) was shut down on Dec. 3, 2019. A spreadsheet version of the data is here.  A Carto map is here.]

Post Offices on or eligible for the National Register: State lists and maps

Map of active post offices on the National Register

New Deal Post Offices


Articles on Save the Post Office

Historic Houston post office headed for demolition (5/8/15)

OIG recommends terminating the USPS-CBRE contract and refers cases for criminal investigation (4/30/15)

Court dismisses lawsuit over Berkeley post office after USPS rescinds decision to sell the historic building (4/15/2015)

Congresswoman Barbara Lee proposes moratorium on sale of historic post offices (3/20/2015)

Sale of historic Princeton post office moves forward (2/14/2015)

Buyer opts out of purchase of historic Berkeley Post Office (12/4/2014)

National Trust joins Berkeley in suit against Postal Service (11/25/2014)

Sold American: An inventory of USPS disposed properties, 2009-2014 (10/20/2014)

CBRE arranges sale of Bronx GPO to one of its clients (9/4/2014)

ACHP to report on disposal of historic post offices this week; the sales go on (4/13/2014)

USPS Environmental Assessment on historic Stamford post office runs into problems

Preservationists oppose change to USPS NEPA regulations on property disposal

Environmental report on disposal of historic Stamford post office raises questions

Sale of historic Bronx Post Office moves forward; bids due Jan. 15

Postal Service proposes changing environmental regulations on post office disposals

Relocation, relocation, relocation: The new M.O. for closing post offices

Regarding the sale and preservation of historic post offices and their art: An open letter to the Inspector General

The plot thickens: An OIG solicitation, the Palmer Square Post Office, and the CBRE-LCOR connection

The Postal Service tries to pull a fast one in Harlem

Harlem’s College Station post office may be sold and “relocated

Two historic post offices in Connecticut get gutted

Legacy at risk: The OIG audits the Postal Service’s disposal of historic properties

Legacy for Sale: Historic Post Offices on the Market

Historic Post Offices: An Inventory of the Legacy

Postal Service to La Jolla: Sorry, the dismantling must go on

Brands at risk: The OIG looks at the USPS-CBRE contract

Newark’s Lautenberg Post Office may be sold: Is the Senator rolling over in his grave?

USPS to Bronx: Drop dead — the GPO must go

Binding the nation together: Berkeley and the Bronx join forces to save the post office

In bad faith: How the Postal Service is selling the Redlands post office

The writing on the wall in Reading: The Postal Service pulls a fast one

Historic La Jolla Post Office headed for closure & sale

A done deal in Derby: The Postal Service decides first, consults later, ignores the law

A Bronx Cheer for the Postal Service: The Fire Sale of Historic Post Offices Continues

List of historic post offices, sold and for sale

The National Trust joins the fight to save the post office

Eureka! The Postal Service finds gold in California

The Selling of the Venice Post Office: More than a touch of evil

Selling off the legacy of the New Deal

New Deal Post Offices for Sale

Dismantling the Public Realm: Post Offices for Sale

More stories about historic post offices


Articles in other publications

Protest Aside, Postal Service Is Taking Next Step to Sell Grand Property in the Bronx (New York Times)

Why Old Post Offices Still Matter (The Atlantic Cities)

Congress wants delay in selling of historic post offices until federal report is completed (Washington Post)

Berkeley making the rounds to save its historic post office (Los Angeles Times)

Post Office Buildings With Character, and Maybe a Sale Price (New York Times)

Parceling Out Old Post Offices” (USA Today)

Postal Service buildings hit the chopping block (MSN Money)

Dismantling America’s Post Offices

Who owns our Downtown Berkeley post office? (Berkeley Daily Planet)

The fading genius of the US post office (Guardian)

Post Office History for Sale (Wall Street Journal)

Right-Sizing the Mail: Advocating to Retain or Reuse Historic Post Offices (National Trust blog post)

Advisory Council on Historic Preservation Steps in to Block Northfield Post Office Sale (Northfield Patch)

Announcing America’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places for 2012 (Preservation Nation Blog)

Postal Service Considers Sale of Bronx General Post Office (New York Times)


 Regulations on Discontinuance and Relocation of Post Offices

39 CFR 241.3   Discontinuance of USPS-operated retail facilities

39 CFR 241.4: Expansion, relocation, and construction of post offices

39 CFR 241.4: Expansion, Relocation, Construction of New Post Office Interim Rule

39 CFR 241.4: Expansion, Relocation, Construction of New Post Offices Final Rule

Handbook PO-101, Postal Service-Operated Retail Facilities (Discontinuance Guide)


Federal laws and orders on historic preservation

NHPA, Section 106 summary

36 CFR PART 800 — Protection Of Historic Properties

39 CFR 775.2 – Policy regarding NEPA

Court Opinions on Compliance with Section 106 of the Council’s Regulations

Federal Historic Preservation Case Law


Presidential orders regarding historic buildings

Executive Order 12072: Federal Space Management

Executive Order 13006: Locating Federal Facilities on Historic Properties in Our Nation’s Central Cities

Executive Order 13287: Preserve America


Letters to the USPS

From National Trust regarding La Jolla post office relocation

From National Trust to USPS regarding Berkeley post office relocation

From Berkeley city manager to USPS regarding Berkeley relocation

From Ford & Huff appealing decision to relocate the Bronx GPO

From Ford & Huff appealing decision to relocate the Berkeley Post Office

From city of Los Angeles attorney and city councilmember regarding Venice post office

From office of Bronx Borough President to USPS regarding Bronx relocation

From ACHP to USPS regarding Venice post office

Packet of materials on Palo Alto Post Office


USPS final decisions and other correspondence

David Williams’ Final decision on relocation of Venice post office

Tom Samra’s Final decision on relocation of retail services from Santa Monica PO

Tom Samra’s Final decision on relocation of Bronx post office

Tom Samra’s Final decision on relocation of La Jolla post office

Tom Samra’s Final decision on the relocation of the Berkeley post office

PMG Patrick Donahoe’s letter to mayor of Berkeley

USPS response to National Trust re Berkeley

Notice of Approval on Relocating La Jolla Post Office


Memoranda of agreement

Memorandum of Agreement between USPS and GSa for implementing the President’s urban policy 

Memorandum of agreement between the USPS and Charleston, IL, concerning sale of Charleston Post Office


Miscellaneous reports

ACHP: Preserving Historic Post Offices: Report to Congress

History of Post Office Construction 1900-1940

USPS Nationwide Historic Context Study: Postal Facilities Constructed or Occupied Between 1940 and 1971

ACHP: Sustainability and Historic Federal Buildings

ACHP: Case Digest: Protecting Historic Properties: Section 106 in Action

USPS: Preserve America – 2011 Report to ACHP

OIG: Post Office Relocation Process

OIG: Preservation and Disposal of Historic Properties

GAO report: Federal Real Property: Strategic Partnerships and Local Coordination Could Help Agencies Better Utilize Space

Report to ACHP: Measuring Economic Impacts of Historic Preservation

Historical and Architectural Development of Postal Services and Post Office Construction

National Register Bulletin: How to Apply the National Register Criteria to Post Offices

New Deal Art in Post Offices

USPS Community Relations Regulations on Relocations

USPS Handbook RE-6: Environmental Regulatory Requirements

USPS Handbook RE-1: Facilities Guide to Real Property Acquisitions and Related Services

Executive Order 13287: Preserve America: USPS Report to the ACHP, 2011

Executive Order 13287: Preserve America: USPS Report to the ACHP, Sept. 2008


PRC dockets

Dockets on Appeals (see Ukiah, Venice, Santa Monica)


Presentation materials

National Trust Presentation on Historic Post Offices

USPS Presentation to Berkeley

Documents regarding the post office on the City of Berkeley website

Packet prepared by Save the Berkeley post office for Senator Boxer


Mittleman brief regarding Venice post office

Elaine Mittleman brief for petitioners on Venice, Pimmitt, and Spring Dale

PRC brief in response to Mittleman

Petitioner’s response to motion to dismiss


Save the Post Office websites

Save the Post Office

Save the Ukiah Post Office

Save the Venice Post Office

Save the Berkeley Post Office

National Post Office Collaborate

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