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Savings Analysis for Revised Plan in two phases (5/17/2012) (spreadsheet)

List of plants in Revised Plan in two phases

List of plants in Revised Plan

List of plants in Revised Plan (Fusion table, with map)

Revised plan map (STPO)

Revised plan map (Fusion)



The Multiplier Effect: How consolidating mail processing plants hurts the economy


How the new service standards may slow down much more mail than the Postal Service is saying (11/11/2015)

Postal Service releases schedule of plant consolidations set for 2015 (8/19/2014)


The PRC's Advisory Opinion on Network Rationalization: Death Knell for the Postal Service? (10/1/2012)

The year of wishful thinking: The market research on Network Rationalization (7/23/2012)

Initial briefs on Network Rationalization: The parties weigh in with the PRC (7/11/2012)

The Hail Mary is an incomplete: The PRC denies the APWU motion to stop the change in service standards (6/29/2012)

The union throws the Commission a Hail Mary on the change in service standards (6/25/2012)

Network Consolidation: New plan, same old story (5/20/12)

Revised Network Rationalization: Map & user-friendly list (5/18/12)

Revised Estimates for Network Rationalization: Where have all the savings gone? (5/3/12

The Case Against Consolidation: Rebuttal testimony challenges Network Rationalization (4/29/12)

How Network Rationalization speeds up Standard Mail and hastens the demise of First-Class (4/18/12)

Modern Times at the Postal Service: Network Rationalization gives more work to idle machines (3/27/12)

The USPS press release on the secret survey: They still can’t get their story straight (3/24/12)

Secret market survey reveals USPS plans would cost over $5 billion in lost revenue (3/21/12)

If at first you don’t succeed, try revising the survey (3/15/12)

The Case of the Missing Market Research Study (3/13/12)

More AMP Studies Released: Network Rationalization not looking very rational (3/9/12)

More numbers on the AMP studies, and they still don’t add up, not even close (3/7/12)

The numbers on Network Rationalization just don't add up (3/4/12)

It hits the fan: The Postal Service can't wait to close the plants (2/23/12)

A Civil Action: The People of the United States vs. The U.S. Postal Service (2/21/12)

The plant consolidation plan: 35,000 jobs lost, and "no significant impact"? (2/16/12)

Slowing down the mail

Consolidating the network

The Case for Consolidation


Postal Service

Update List of 2013 consolidations (phase 1-B)


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