Proposed legislation would stop closures and consolidations


Legislation has been introduced in Congress that would halt Postal Service plans to close and consolidate mail processing facilities across the countryThe Stop Postal Closures Act of 2016 would:

  • Put a moratorium on current closures and consolidations;
  • Establish a framework that any future closures be approved by the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC);
  • Create a list of criteria and data that USPS must analyze, including impacts on small businesses, vote-by-mail voters and unique geographic situations;
  • Require a robust public notification and comment period so stakeholder views are a part of the PRC’s review;
  • Reinstate the July 1, 2012 mail delivery standards of the one-to-three-day delivery, which was eliminated  at the start of 2015 by USPS; and
  • Empower the PRC to set annual performance benchmarks.

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