PRC’s Goldway: USPS “short-sighted” over sale of historic central post offices


Post & Parcel: The former chairman of the US Postal Regulatory Commission has criticised the US Postal Service for its “failure of vision” over the sale of historical central post offices.

Ruth Goldway, who remains a Commissioner after chairing the Presidentially-appointed Commission from 2009 to 2014, was commenting on an attempt by a community in the state of Connecticut to save their central post office.

USPS has been closing post offices and shortening opening hours in recent years as part of its effort to cut costs and respond to the long-term decline in mail volumes.

But Goldway said last week that the Postal Service was being “economically short-sighted” for closing historical central post offices “without fully exploring the potential for dual- or multi-use or cooperative development”.

She said: “This failure of vision is bad business for both the Postal Service and for the American communities it serves.”  Read more.