PRC chairman Kubayanda says USPS is in a ‘nosedive’

Steve HutkinsNews

Linn’s Stamp News: The productivity of the United States Postal Service is in a “nosedive … that’s stunning … and that cannot continue forever,” Michael Kubayanda, chairman of the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC), told Linn’s Stamp News May 2 in a wide-ranging interview at the PRC headquarters in Washington, D.C.

A significant deterioration in service performance, even more than the twice-a-year postage rate increases that are being implemented under Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s Delivering for America plan, is the primary source of complaints to the PRC from members of Congress and the general public, Kubayanda said.

The Postal Service reported in late January that only 84 percent of first-class mail was being delivered on time against the agency’s own reduced standards, a nearly 2 percent decrease from the previous fiscal quarter.

Standstills at sorting centers in Houston, Texas; Atlanta, Ga.; Richmond, Va., and other cities have drawn the ire of congressmen and customers alike.

“I have noticed, and I’ve heard from friends, colleagues and so forth, some of whom work in public policy, that there’s been a spike in really noticeable problems,” Kubayanda said. “You’re expecting something in a reasonable period of time. And then items get lost, or it takes maybe 17 days when you’re anticipating two days.”

“I have a close family member who sent a check from Williamsburg, Va., that got to Raleigh, [N.C.], two months later,” Ashley Poling, a member of the PRC, said during the interview.

“My own Christmas cards, I have to admit, I was a little late sending them this year,” Poling recalled. “I sent them from my family’s house in Virginia and they got to my friends in [Washington, D.C.,] a month later. So, you know I’m not alone.”

“You can’t miss it, it is acute, and it’s a huge problem,” Kubayanda said. “You’ve heard about the issues with medications for veterans, medical tests being late, right?”

“These are all things that we have warned about, and they need to be addressed,” Kubayanda said. “It’s not just numbers on a spreadsheet at this point. It’s actually affecting real people.”

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