Save the Post Office


RIF date for POStPlan Postmasters extended until February (1/6/2015)

POStPlan postponed: 3,200 postmasters get a reprieve (5/22/2014)

POStPlan implementation: 9,000 post offices downgraded, 4,000 to go, RIF's coming (3/23/2014)

POStPlan implementation 60 percent done: Hours reduced at over 8,000 post offices

A Complaint gives the PRC another crack at POStPlan

POStPlan becomes a reality: Hours cut at hundreds of offices today, thousands more after the holidays

POStPlan Implementation: 5,600 offices under review, hours to be reduced at 500 on November 17

POST Plan meetings: Over 1500 scheduled already, more coming

Consternation and confusion: Putting POStPlan in Place

POStPlan implementation: The surveys go out, the trouble begins

Trouble ahead: The PRC gives POStPlan a green light

The Road to POStPlan: Breaking down the postmaster retirement numbers

Another POStPlan office hit with suspension, gets the fifth option

Fork in the Road for POStPlan

"A half-vast plan": A postmaster comments on POStPlan

Revised POStPlan list with APOs

A day with Mr. Day: Cross-examining POStPlan at the PRC

Coming soon to a post office near you: The POStPlan implementation schedule

Reducing hours at post offices: A history of transparency problems

Thousands of postmasters head for the exit, others play musical chairs

Opportunity knocks: The Postal Service invites postmasters to replace themselves

OopsPlan: The Postal Service forgets to count PMRs

The PRC wants your opinion on POStPlan, but does the Postal Service want the PRC's?

POStPlan: Estimating post office revenues

POStPlan: How to save $500 million without really trying

POStPlan: New lists, maps, financials, and more

The Postal Service submits a Request for an Advisory Opinion on POStPlan: How changing the rules changed everything

How the West was won: The PMG’s trip to Montana

What are people for? (by Mark Jamison)

POStPlan: Map, Charts, & More

POStPlan by the numbers

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse: The Postal Service's new plan for the post office

Avalanche averted: Postal Service backs off plan to close thousands of post offices


Lists, Tables, Maps

POStPlan (Fusion table with map)

POStPlan with all USPS facilities (Fusion table with map)

POStPlan offices only

POStPlan offices under suspension

POStPlan office removed from RAOI

POStPlan offices removed from RAOI (Fusion table)

Revenue Estimates (spreadsheet)

Revenue Estimates (Fusion table)

Financial Analysis (spreadsheet; multiple sheets)

USPS Summary (spreadsheet; abridged with financial data only)

Hours reduced, per state

Impacted offices, per state


USPS materials

Estimates of cost savings

Original list of affected offices (pdf)

Excel version of original list (download)

Summary Spreadsheet (download)

USPS Summary (Google Doc, abridged with financial data only)

Average Annual Retail Revenue for FY 2011 (spreadsheet)

PPT Presentation (May 9, 2012)

Press release (May 9, 2012)

Background / Overview (May 2012)

Fact Sheet



Postal Regulatory Commission

Docket N2012-2

Request for an Advisory Opinion

Testimony of Jeffrey Day for USPS

Transcript of cross-examination of Mr. Day

Procedural Schedule




Library References

Average Post Office Walk-In Revenue

Earned Hours Data – SOV/CVS

Summary Spreadsheet

Market Research Materials

PO-101 Handbook


NAPUS and the League of Postmasters

League's POStPlan page

League's summary

League’s PPT presentation


POStPlan Q&As, FAQ, and other fact sheets (combines several fact sheets)

POStPlan Earned SOV Formula

SOV/CSV how-to presentation


Media & Misc.

"Post Office Hour Reductions, Called a 'Win-Win,' Feel More Like a Lose-Lose," Time Magazine (May 2012)

"The Postal Service drops plans to close thousands of Post Offices," USA Today (May 2012)

" Postal Service Holds Back on Closings," NY Times (May 9, 2012)

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