Postal workers (and others) bid a fond farewell to Congressman Darrell Issa


Congressman Darrell Issa announced today that he will not seek re-election to the House.  After spending much of his term as chair (2010 – 2015) of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform holding hearings and promoting legislation that would have ended Saturday delivery, required millions of households to convert to cluster box delivery, created a commission to close thousands of postal offices, cut benefits to postal workers, removed the no-layoff clause from union contracts, eliminated hundreds of thousands of jobs, reduced the oversight authority of the Postal Regulatory Commission, and otherwise dismantled the Postal Service, Issa will not be missed by most postal workers and communities concerned about postal services. Here are some of our previous posts about Issa and his misinformation campaign to destroy the Postal Service in the name of saving it.