Postal worker slips on ice in North Dakota, post office closes


In early December, the postal worker running the post office in the small town of Douglas, North Dakota, slipped on the ice, injuring his leg and knee, and the post office was put under an "emergency suspension" for eight weeks.  As reported in the Minot Daily News, on May 25,  a meeting was held in Douglas to brief postal customers about  the possibility of a permanent "discontinuance" of the post office.   USPS representataive Pete Nowacki said that the option of discontinuance may have occurred on its own anyway, and wasn't necessarily caused by the postal worker's injury-related sabbatical.

Residents will not only have to go 13 miles to the nearest post office, they're also worried about community identity.  "We need to keep this post office open or this poor town will die a little more," said resident Sylvia Gehring. "The town doesn't want to die."

(Photo credit: Google maps)