Postal Service shares historical data on mail volumes, revenues, and fees, 1970 – 2017


Last week the Postal Service gave the Postal Regulatory Commission some helpful data about the history of mail volumes, revenues, and fees, going back to 1970.

The materials were submitted, as the cover letter explains, to comply with 39 C.F.R. § 3050.60(g), which requests “[a]n update of the history of changes in postal volumes, revenues, rates and fees that appears in library references USPS-LR-L-73 through 76 in Docket No. R2006-1 (by July 1 of each year).”

You can find these materials on the PRC website here.  We have uploaded the USPS folder to Google Docs here.  The links in the following list go directly to the Excel pages on Google Docs.  (Note that each document contains numerous sheets, tabbed at the bottom of the page.)