Postal Service Disrespects Harlem Community – Refuses to hold Town Hall meeting on relocation of College Station


APWU New York Metro: "The United States Postal Service  will make a proposal to “relocating” the historic College Station Post Office located at 217 West 140th Street at an unpublicized  meeting of Community Board 10’s Economic Development committee this Thursday, December 12th at 6:30 pm.  In other communities such as Chelsea and the Lower East Side, the Postal Service has held well publicized, centrally located Town Hall meetings for relocations, why not Harlem?  Instead the Postal Service is substituting an obscure committee meeting, not even located in the College Station Post Office’s zip code.   The meeting is a full 15 blocks away from College Station, will make it virtually impossible for the people most impacted by the “relocation” of the post office: the  elderly, the disabled, the poor, and small business owners to attend.  Read more.

[UPDATE: After being notified that the meeting might be the only opportunity for the public to meet with postal representatives, the Community Board crossed the USPS off its agenda.]