Postal Service defends mailbox removal – WIVB


The Postal Service continues to remove what it considers underperforming blue collection boxes.  Customers in Buffalo, New York, were dismayed to see some of the boxes they depend on just disappear one day.  WIVB reports the following: 

On Clinton Street, a blue mailbox has always been present outside Bruce Beyer's home. But last June, a sign appeared. Then this past Saturday, a postal worker came and took the box away.  Now Beyer says the closest mailbox is more than a mile away, at the main post office on William Street.

"I would guess that 20 percent of the people in this neighborhood, maybe a little more, don't own automobiles, don't drive. And it's not a neighborhood where you can leave your mail in the box and have the postman pick it up for you. Because if you leave, like Netflix for example, somebody's going to steal it," Beyer said.  Read more.