Postal Service announces five more P&DCs to be consolidated

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The Postal Service has informed the unions and management associations of its intent to conduct Mail Processing Facility Reviews (MPFR) at five more locations.

The announcements include links to the Survey Monkey forms for submitting comments. A future announcement will include the date of the public meeting. (Not that the meeting will mean much. At the MPFR meeting for the consolidation of El Paso to Albuquerque on Nov. 28, the Postal Service would not take questions from the public or the media.)

In each of these consolidations, the Postal Service will eventually decide to move outgoing operations from the P&DC to the Regional Processing & Distribution Center (RPDC) and convert the remaining operations to a Local Processing Center (LPC), and perhaps later, a Sorting & Delivery Center (S&DC). The one exception is the South Charleston, WV P*DC, which may see some of its operations transferred to the RPDC in Pittsburg but also the Warrendale (Pennwood Place) P&DC as well.

At this point, consolidation reviews have been initiated for 29 processing centers. Eighteen of the reviews have proceeded to the stage where there’s an estimate for cost savings and the number of positions eliminated.

On average, each consolidation will eliminate about 24 jobs (22 craft and 2 management) and save about $3.5 million. At that rate, if there are eventually 190 such consolidations (that’s the number of LPCs in the plan), the total cost savings would be about $665 million, with about 4,560 positions eliminated.

The Postal Service is sharing the MPFR notices and findings on this page. You can also find them here, tab “MPFR status.”

A list of all the known RPDCs, LPCs, S&DCs, and spoke post offices is on the same page, tab “Network Update.”

There’s more about the MPFR process (formerly AMP studies) here. The MPFR guidelines are here.

There’s more about the configuration of the new network here. And there’s more about the Delivering for America plan on our DFA dashboard.

(Featured image: Fort Myers P&DC)