MILAN, KS 67105

Steve Hutkins

106 N MONROE ST, MILAN, KS 67105 (Source:

106 N MONROE ST, MILAN, KS 67105

Suspension Status
Suspension Date: 12/1/2011
Suspension Reason: No qualified personnel
Community Meeting Date: 4/12/2011
Proposal Date: 7/29/2011
Final Determination Date: 11/2/2011
Reopening Date (If Applicable): N/A
Steps Completed: #1-30 
Next Step:
(Steps explained)

1   Request/approval to study for discontinuance               
2   Notice (if appropriate) to Headquarters of suspension Organizations Notify               
3   Notice (if appropriate) to customers/district personnel of suspension               
4   Highway map with community highlighted               
5   Inspection Service/local law enforcement vandalism reports               
6   Form 4920, Post Office Fact Sheet            
7  NEPA Worksheet               
8  Financial Workbook                
9  Recommendation and Service Replacement Type          
10  PM Letter Instructions Cover letter, questionnaire, and enclosures                
11   Community meeting roster               
12   Community meeting letter (Need to set before questionnaire if not held before)             
13   Proposal checklist             
14   District notification to Government Affairs             
15   Instructions to postmaster/OIC to post proposal              
16   Invitation for comments exhibit              
17   Proposal exhibit                
18   Comment form exhibit           
19   Instructions for postmaster/OIC to remove proposal             
20  Postal Service response letters to returned customer questionnaires              
21   Analysis of questionnaires              
22   Community meeting analysis            
23   Round-date stamped proposals and invitations for comments from affected offices         
24  Notification of taking proposal and comments under internal consideration        
25  Postal Service response letters to returned Proposal comments            
26   Proposal Analysis of comments          
27   Petition and Postal Service response letter (if appropriate)            
28   Congressional inquiry and Postal Service response letter (if appropriate)         
29   Log of Post Office discontinuance actions           
30   Final determination from HEADQUARTERS (Review the Final Determination prior to sending for Hq approval)    

Post Office Location Map
Map of nearest Post Offices: Map to Nearest Post Offices
Distance to nearest Post Office (miles): 6.4
Drive time to nearest Post Office (minutes): 8.0
Distance to Administrative Post Office (if RMPO) (miles): 11.1

Facility Data
Date post office established (Postmaster Finder): 2/15/1875
Faculty Type: Remotely Managed Post Offices (RMPO)
District: KS-MO
Post Office Level if Postplan (operating hours per day): 2
Number of post office boxes in use: 0

Community Profile
Population of ZIP code: 190
Rural Population: 190
Percent of population classified as rural: 100%

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