Post office closes, Postal Service saves $13 a day


The village of Doylesburg, Pennsylvania, was laid out on April 24, 1852 by Philip Thomas Doyle, and two years later he became its first postmaster.  The post office has always been located in a general store, built and operated, in its early days, by another member of the Doyle family.  

Doylesburg General Store owner Georgia O'Donnell has been taking care of the mail in this "community post office" for twenty-one years.  She gets paid $13 a day for her salary and the rental of the space.  She recently asked the Postal Service for a raise, but they turned her down.

USPS regional spokesman Ray Daiutolo told abc27, "Right now, we're losing a lot of money. Anywhere we can cut expenses without impacting customer satisfaction, we have to do it. We have no choice."

After 157 years of serving the people of Doylesburg, the post office will close on June 30.  The whole story is on the abc27 video.

(Photo credit: General store; Georgia O'Donnell)