The incredible shrinking Postal Service: More tales of suspensions, reductions, relocations, and sell-offs


While the United Parcel Service is busy looking for innovative ways to make its retail stores more profitable, the Postal Service can only think about more junk mail.  Rather than seeing value in its own network of brick-and-mortar post offices, the Postal Service is cutting the hours at 13,000 small offices, replacing historic downtown post offices with retail counters in … Read More

Historic Post Offices Sold or For Sale

  Annapolis, Maryland Berkeley, California Bethesda, Maryland Boone, North Carolina Bronx, New York Buffalo, New York Burlingame, California Camas, Washington Charleston, Illinois Cheraw, South Carolina Eugene, Oregon Fairfield Connecticut Fernandina Beach, Florida Firestone Station, South Gate, California Flemington, New Jersey Fullerton, California Geneva, Illinois Glendale, California Gulfport, Mississippi Greenwich, Connecticut Huntington Beach, California Kingston, Pennsylvania La Jolla, California Lakewood, New … Read More

Dateline Danville VA: The VP visits, the USPS cuts hours at the PO


On Tuesday of this week, Vice President Biden told a largely African American audience in Danville, Virginia, that Mitt Romney wanted to put them "back in chains" by "unchaining Wall Street."  Republicans jumped on the VP for playing the race card, Romney called the remark "reckless," and the story was all over the national news.   There's another story coming … Read More

Resources on historic post offices

Lists & Maps Historic Post Office Sold or For Sale Post Offices (active) on the National Register Post Offices on or eligible for the National Register Map of active post offices on the National Register Legacy for Sale: Historic Post Offices on the Market Historic Post Offices: An Inventory of the Legacy   Articles in Save the Post Office Postal … Read More

Relocating Redmond: A promise the Postal Service didn’t deliver


Redmond, Washington, is a town of 54,000 located just 16 miles east of Seattle.  It’s best known as the home of Microsoft and Nintendo, and it’s one of the most affluent communities in the state.  The town’s biggest problem seems to be growing pains — the economic boom of the past two decades has been causing a lot of traffic and … Read More

Eureka! The Postal Service finds gold in California


The Postal Service has been actively selling off historic post office buildings for over a year now.  About forty have been sold or put up for sale.  They’re scattered around the country, but for some reason more than a third of them are in California. Last week news came out that one of the most beautiful post offices in the … Read More

Historic Post Offices: An Inventory of the Legacy


Last week the National Trust for Historic Preservation named the Historic Post Office Building to its annual list of the 11 Most Endangered Historic Places. The historic post office faces an “uncertain future,” observes the National Trust in its press release.  The Postal Service has been closing post offices at an unprecedented pace, announcing one downsizing plan after another, and … Read More

The National Trust joins the fight to save the post office


[view:slideshow=panel_pane_1]   THE NATIONAL TRUST FOR HISTORIC PRESERVATION has named the Historic Post Office Building to its annual list of the 11 most endangered places.  The Trust has a story, a slideshow, a feature on the post office in Geneva, Illinois, and a press release (which has the most details).  The Chicago Tribune also has a story, and the Associated Press has another. … Read More

Pending Closures

This list contains post offices that received a Final Determination (Final Det) in October – December 2011,  indicating they would close in 60 days.  These offices did not close due to the holiday suspension on closings (which began Nov. 19, 2011) and the moratorium (Dec. 15 – May 15, 2012).  "Appeal Status" refers to the fate of an appeal on … Read More

Appeals in vain: The long odds on success at the PRC


Over the past fifteen months, more than two hundred communities have tried to save their post office from being closed by appealing to the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC).  For nearly all of them, the effort was in vain.   Between January 1, 2011, and April 6, 2012, the PRC issued orders on 180 appeals.  Only thirteen of them were successful, … Read More

A Civil Action: The People of the United States vs. The U.S. Postal Service


The Postal Service juggernaut keeps rolling on with its downsizing plans, and it seems prepared to crush whatever stands in its way — postal workers, post offices, communities, history.  There doesn’t seem to be anyone or anything that can stop it — not Congress, not the unions, not the Postal Regulatory Commission.  Perhaps it’s time for the People of the … Read More

And the winner is . . . Trump selected to redevelop DC’s Old Post Office


The General Services Administration has selected Donald Trump to redevelop the Old Post Office building in downtown D.C.  The grand old icon is going to be converted into a luxury hotel, complete with “world renowned restaurants, a spa and conference facilities.” The GSA says turning the building over to private hands will save the federal government millions of dollars in … Read More

New Deal Post Offices

This list consists of postal facilities the Department of the Post Office built (or took occupancy of) during the New Deal era, 1933 – 1942.

Post offices receiving a Final Determinations in 2011 (CY)

This list contains post offices that received a Final Determination notice during calendar year 2011. The list was provided to the Postal Regulatory Commission by the Postal Service on Feb. 3, 2012.   Many of these post offices have closed already, and others will close when the moratorium ends on May 15, unless they have a successful appeal and are … Read More

Post Offices Closed in 2011

This list was prepared by the Postal Service in reponse to a request from the Chairman of the Postal Regulatory Commission (submitted on Feb. 3, 2012).   OFFICE CITY STATE ZIP SAYRE SAYRE AL 35139 CLOPTON CLOPTON AL 36317 TRENTON TRENTON AL 35774 EASTSIDE TUSCALOOSA AL 35404 COOK SPRINGS COOK SPRINGS AL 35052 BURNWELL DORA AL 35062 CARDIFF CARDIFF AL … Read More

Post Offices with Expiring Leases (by date)

The following post offices appear to have leases that expire between January 1, 2012 and May 15, 2012, the day the moratorium on closings ends. This information was compiled using the Leased Facilities reports on the USPS website. (NB: The facilities reports on the USPS website have not been updated since March 2011, and the Postal Service has not responded to requests to … Read More