This Day in Postal History

Save the Post Office @savethepo  Mar 17, 2021 On this day in postal history: On March 17, 1970, members of National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) Branch 36 met in Manhattan and voted to strike. The largest wildcat strike in U.S. history began just after midnight.  4 11 View on Twitter Save the Post Office @savethepo  Mar 18, 2021 On this day in postal … Read More

Here’s what happened to the Milan Post Office that closed on in Norfolk, VA


The Virginia Pilot: Post Office mailboxes seem to be on every corner until you need them. After the U.S. Postal Service closed a location at 38th Street and Colley Avenue in Norfolk, Virginia, a reader who used the office wanted to know why it was shut down – and, perhaps more importantly, where’s the nearest place to drop off outgoing … Read More

How to rent a piece of history: JLL’s USPS Properties for Lease


[rev_slider alias=”jll-listing”][/rev_slider]   Last summer Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) replaced CBRE as the Postal Service’s exclusive provider of real estate services.  As stated on the USPS page on its website, JLL is “the transaction manager and exclusive broker for USPS’ 280 million-square-foot U.S. portfolio.”  JLL is responsible for negotiating leases on 25,500 properties the Postal Service leases from private owners, brokering the … Read More

The Postal Service gets a new real estate provider


The Postal Service has ended its contract with CBRE as the agency’s exclusive real estate provider.  A few months ago, the Postal Service awarded a contract to a new broker, Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL). Los Angeles-based CBRE (aka CB Richard Ellis), the world’s largest commercial real estate firm, became the sole provider of real estate services for the Postal Service in … Read More

CPWU Fall 2017 Newsletter


The Fall 2017 newsletter from Communities and Postal Workers United (CPWU) features articles on: The Postal service union warns of job cuts, service reductions at Charlotte rally; Richmond post office workers walk off job after working without AC; Seattle & Portland Also Rally Against Cuts; USPS cancels most planned service cuts in Bronx; DC March against Unsafe Delivery in the … Read More

A Bill of Rights for the Post Office


Some people just love to complain about the Postal Service, but the vast majority of Americans are pretty happy with the service they receive at their post office.  In fact, several new surveys show once again that people think the post office is just fine. According to a new Gallup poll, Americans rank the customer service they receive at post … Read More

Using the Census to analyze USPS on-time performance


The mail has been slowing down all across the country, but are rural areas suffering worse on-time delivery than urban areas? That’s the question behind a recent GAO report about the Postal Service entitled “Actions Needed to Make Delivery Performance Information More Complete, Useful, and Transparent.” The GAO report was done at the request of several senators representing rural areas who have … Read More

Post office mural missing for decades rediscovered


A mural of pre-World War II Richmond, Calif., considered missing for nearly four decades, will once again be put on display.  The painting, an oil on canvas that shows union workers and their supervisors against a backdrop of the Standard Oil Refinery, was commissioned by federal Works Progress Administration in 1940 as a way to employ artists during the Great … Read More

Another post office in Houston earmarked for relocation and disposal


The Postal Service hasn’t discontinued many post offices over the past couple of years, but it has closed some for emergency suspensions, and it has also relocated several others.  In some cases, the Postal Service relocated from one leased property to another, moving to a smaller space where the rent was cheaper.  In other cases, the Postal Service moved out … Read More

OIG recommends terminating the USPS-CBRE contract and refers cases for criminal investigation


The Postal Service’s Office of Inspector General has issued its fourth report criticizing the Postal Service’s oversight of the contract with its real estate broker, CBRE.  It’s entitled “Postal Service Management of CBRE Real Estate Transactions.” The OIG finds fault with both the leasing deals and the sales of postal property, and it recommends terminating the contract with CBRE.  The … Read More

Legacy for Sale: Historic Post Offices on the Market


The New York Times has an excellent front-page article by Robin Pogrebin about the Postal Service’s push to sell off its historic post office buildings.  It includes a great photo scroll, and it’s getting lots of very lively comments. As the Times explains, the Postal Service owns nearly a quarter of its 31,000 post offices (it leases space for the rest), and … Read More

Consternation and confusion: Putting POStPlan in place


The Postal Service began implementing POStPlan a couple of weeks ago, and in a post last week we reported on problems that had already begun to emerge: surveys sent only to box holders, meetings scheduled during the workday, using the post office lobby as the meeting place.  A few more news reports have come out, and several people wrote in about … Read More

Historic Post Offices on the RAOI

This list contains post offices on the closing list for the Retail Access Optimization Initiative (RAOI) — the 3,652 post offices identified for closure study in July 2010 — with occupancy dates going back to the New Deal and before.   Official name Address City State Zip Occupied MAYWOOD BRANCH 4357 SLAUSON AVE MAYWOOD CA 90270-9998 6/1/1938 HUB CITY STATION … Read More