The Road to POStPlan: Breaking down the postmaster retirement numbers


Yesterday the Postal Service provided an update on how many postmasters have chosen to retire thanks to the $20,000 incentive offer.  Nearly 3,800 retired as of July 31, and about 300 will be retiring at the end of August and September, bringing the total to 4,100.  (The numbers are here.) The Postal Service did not provide a list of the … Read More

Another POStPlan post office hit with suspension, gets the fifth option


  The Postal Service has closed another POStPlan post office by emergency suspension.  The Postal Service’s reassurances to the Postal Regulatory Commission that it wouldn’t be doing that don’t seem to count for much. A few days ago, we noted the emergency suspension of the post office in Helen, Maryland.  It’s on the POStPlan list, set to be downgraded to … Read More

Fork in the Road for POStPlan


The Postal Service has assured the Postal Regulatory Commission on several occasions that it would not use lease problems or staffing issues to close POStPlan post offices by emergency suspension.  Yet even before the implementation of POStPlan has officially begun, that seems to be exactly what’s happening. In Helen, Maryland, the post office is set to be reduced to two … Read More

“A half-vast plan”: A postmaster comments on POStPlan


[Today, Postmaster Mark Jamison of Webster, North Carolina, shared these comments on POStPlan with the Postal Regulatory Commission.] July 27, 2012 Commissioners, I am not an intervener in this docket. I understand that these comments cannot become a part of the record and may not have an impact on your deliberations in this case. I hope, however, that you will … Read More

Revised POStPlan list with APOs


A couple of days ago the Postal Service gave the Postal Regulatory Commission a revised list of the 17,752 post offices impacted by POStPlan.  The new list includes the Administrative Post Office (APO) that will manage each Remotely Managed Post Office (RMPO). You can download the entire new list on the PRC website here.  An abridged list (with some of … Read More

A day with Mr. Day: Cross-examining POStPlan at the PRC


USPS Manager of Retail Operations, Jeffrey Day —  the Postal Service’s one and only witness for POStPlan — testified before the Postal Regulatory Commission last week.  He was there to be cross-examined about the details in the plan to reduce hours at 13,000 post offices.  There wasn’t much in the way of Perry Mason moments, and judging by the questions … Read More

Coming soon to a post office near you: The POStPlan implementation schedule


The implementation schedule for POStPlan just got a little clearer.  In a Q & A fact sheet posted today on the NAPUS website (available here), the Postal Service says the following: “The PRC advisory opinion is expected August 23rd.  Once the opinion comes back, Dean Granholm will lead the POSTPlan phased implementation.  The POSTPlan implementation is expected to begin at … Read More

The PRC wants your opinion on POStPlan, but does the Postal Service want the PRC’s?


Yesterday the Postal Regulatory Commission put out a press release announcing that it has established the docket (N2012-2) for its Advisory Opinion on POStPlan, the Postal Service’s plan to cut hours at 13,000 post offices. The Chairman of the PRC, Ruth Goldway, encourages postal customers “to become familiar with the new proposal and to let the Commission know of their … Read More

POStPlan: Estimating post office revenues


The Postal Service does not give out much information about the revenues post offices bring in, but it has provided enough data to enable one to make estimates.  So we’ve done a little figuring and made a table with estimated revenues for FY 2011 for all 17,700 post offices on the POStPlan list. You can view a spreadsheet here (good for an overview) … Read More

POStPlan Resources

Save the Post Office Articles RIF date for POStPlan Postmasters extended until February (1/6/2015) POStPlan postponed: 3,200 postmasters get a reprieve (5/22/2014) POStPlan implementation: 9,000 post offices downgraded, 4,000 to go, RIF's coming (3/23/2014) POStPlan implementation 60 percent done: Hours reduced at over 8,000 post offices A Complaint gives the PRC another crack at POStPlan POStPlan becomes a reality: Hours … Read More

POStPlan: How to save $500 million without really trying


When the Postal Service gave the Postal Regulatory Commission its request for an Advisory Opinion on POStPlan — the plan to reduce hours at 13,000 post offices — it provided no cost-savings analysis.  In his testimony, USPS witness Jeffrey Day says only that “the Postal Service anticipates that the POStPlan will provide significant labor cost savings due to lower salary … Read More

POStPlan: New lists, maps, financials, and more


Last week the Postal Service submitted to the Postal Regulatory Commission its Request for an Advisory Opinion on POStPlan — the plan to reduce the hours at 13,000 small post offices.  These downgraded offices will be called Remotely Managed Post Offices (RMPOs), meaning that the full-time postmaster responsible for administering the office will be located at another post office. Along … Read More

POStPlan list box


POStPlan Lists & Maps POStPlan offices with all USPS facilities POStPlan offices only POStPlan offices under suspension POStPlan offices removed from RAOI Summary Spreadsheet Average Post Office Walk-In Revenue Earned Hours Data – SOV/CVS Hours reduced, per state Impacted offices, per state [Google Fusion Tables (with the maps) was shut down on Dec. 3, 2019. Here are the spreadsheet versions … Read More

Off RAOI, On POStPlan

In July 2011, the Postal Service announced the Retail Access Optimization Initiative (RAOI) and published a list of 3,652 post offices being studied for closure.  Over the course of the next several months, nearly 400 offices were removed from the original list.  (The list of those removed is here.)   In May 2012, the Postal Service announced POStPlan and published … Read More

The Postal Service submits a Request for an Advisory Opinion on POStPlan: How changing the rules changed everything


Today the Postal Service asked the Postal Regulatory Commission for an Advisory Opinion on POStPlan, the initiative to review about 13,000 post offices for discontinuance or reduced hours.  The Request is here.  Along with the Request is testimony from Jeffrey C. Day, Manager, Retail Operations, in the Office of Delivery and Post Office Operations at the Postal Service.   Day’s testimony … Read More

POStPlan Implementation Fact Sheet

[From the NAPUS website.  Download original here.]   POStPlan Implementation 1)  Classification of Offices: The POStPlan involves a review of Post Offices with the option of offering remotely managed Post Offices (RMPOs), which are part-time Post Offices and evaluated according to earned workload through Small Office Variance (SOV) or Customer Service Variance (CSV) systems, and not Workload Service Credits (WSCs).  … Read More